About Onegini

What is Onegini?
Onegini is a new way of logging in that allows you to access online services of companies like insurance companies, financial businesses and web shops in a safe and easy way. On onegini.me you can create and maintain your Digital Identity.
What can I do with my digital identity?

You can use the digital identity you created on Onegini to easily login with the companies you do business with.

On onegini.me there is a personal dashboard. Here you can see the companies you granted access to your digital identity. On the Personal info page you can view and change your personal information. And when something changes in your personal situation this information is updated with your companies when you log in. We have grouped the information in three blocks:

- Name
- General
- Address

How can I create a digital identity?

You can create your digital identity in two ways:

A. You go to the site www.onegini.me and select the account you want to use to log in to Onegini

B. On a companies website that is using Onegini you will automatically be redirected to Onegini when you log in with your social account on that site.

After logging in you have to provide your personal information like your name, email en mobile number to create your digital identity. When possible Onegini will verify this information. You will receive an email about this. Your digital identity will be created and save to use when you connect to new companies.

Which companies currently use Onegini?
We are very busy connecting more and more companies to Onegini. Currently only SURFnet is using Onegini. Are you interested in using Onegini for your companies website you can find more information about this on www.onegini.com or you can contact us at support@onegini.me.
Do I have to register for each new company I want to add?
No, that's the power of Onegini. Because your personal information is saved in your digital identity you never have to fill in your information again when registering with a new company with Onegini. You only have to confirm that you want to share information with this company, which makes registration a one click action.

Log in

Why use a social account to log in?

You can get access to Onegini and therefore to the companies that use Onegini by logging in with an account like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This is also called social login. Because we use social login you don't have to remember yet another username and password.

You select an account to create your digital identity at Onegini. The options are shown by default one the login page of the company you use Onegini for. After you have created your digital identity it is possible to add more accounts to your digital identity so that you can access Onegini is several ways. 

Examples of social accounts are:

- Google
- Facebook
- Linkedin
- Twitter

Is it secure to log in with a social account?
The username and password of the selected social account are not saved by Onegini. Onegini simply uses the login technology offered by the social services.
What if I prefer not to use an existing account to log in?
You can create a digital identity with a Onegini username and password if you click on the link underneath the social account buttons. Or you can add a Onegini username and password from the menu at the top of the page. In this case your primary email address will be used as your username.
How can I change my Onegini username?
When using a Onegini username and password instead or in combination with a social account your email address is used as your username. When you update your email address your username will change as well. Your email address can be changed after clicking Make changes in the personal info page.

Security & privacy

What does Onegini do with my personal information?
The link between your accounts and Onegini is saved in your personal space in onegini.me. This information will never be shared with other parties.
You have registered your personal information with onegini.me. This information is strictly personal and only you can view, change or share them with your companies.
Why does Onegini verify my information?
After you have entered or changed your information, you can have this data verified. We do this to provide more trust to connected companies about the validity of the information. Per block / information item you can see if it is verified (Yes or No). This is also for your overview. We leave it to the connected companies how they interpret the information you supply.
What does Onegini do about security?

When creating a digital identity we ask you to secure it with a PIN and we ask you to provide your mobile number so we can use it to send you an SMS code. This information is used to secure your digital identity even better.

For the following situations you will be asked to enter your PIN or SMS code:

- To access your personal information
- To access your security settings
- When we suspect somebody else is trying to log in with your account
- When you want to change your PIN

What is the security level?

Some companies require more information than others because they need to make sure that it is indeed you who they are dealing with. For example a web store will be OK with knowing just your name and an email address, but an insurance company might need a verified address or date of birth.

You can view your security level on the security page so that you can find out on which level you can do business at the moment. On this page it is also possible to increase your security level. If a company requires a higher level than the level you have at the moment you will be asked to supply additional information during registration.

To increase the security level (make it green) some personal information needs to be verified.

How can I verify my personal information?

Depending on the type of information there are different ways to verify it.

- You can verify your mobile phone number by entering the SMS code you received. This is can be started by clicking on the link on the Security page.
- You can verify your email address by clicking the link in the email that you received. This link is valid for a limited time, if it expired you can trigger a new email on the Security page.

What is influence of the trustlevel of my accounts?
The trust level of an account is of influence on the security level. So a login with a DigiD will have a higher trust level than a login with a Facebook account.
Which other personal information will Onegini use?
Besides the usual personal information Onegini also registers technical data like your ip-address, browser type, login moment etc. We do this to protect your digital identity. When for instance the account information on your Facebook account is stolen we want to prevent this information to be used accessing onegini.me.
To offer a secure solution it is important that you as a user are actively involved. Where possible we will show as much relevant information as possible on your dashboard. An example is a list of your log in history.
What happens with my personal information?

As a Onegini user you are the one who decides which companies can use your information.

Onegini will only use your personal information to successfully execute our security processes. Some examples of these are:

- The verification of your data, a function that is triggered by you as a user.
- Informing official authorities because of legislation.
- Setting your trust level to ensure your Digital Identity.


Other questions

When will I receive messages from Onegini?

We will send you messages in some distinct instances:

- you will receive an email when you create your digital identity with Onegini
- you will receive an email to verify you are the owner of that email address
- you will receive an SMS code to verify you are the owner of that mobile phone number
- you will receive an email and/or SMS after you have changed you personal information

How can I delete a company?

If you would like to delete a company from your dashboard because you are for example no longer a customer you can do this following these steps:

- In the dashboard page click on the gear wheel at the right bottom of the box in which your companies are displayed.
- In the list with companies you click on the bin next to the company you want to delete.
- Confirm that you want to delete this company.

From now on you can no longer log in to this company and this company will not receive any information from you through Onegini. Please note that you have only disabled the login with Onegini. The company possibly still has the information you shared with them. For more information about deleting this information you can contact the company itself or have a look at their Privacy Policy. If for instance you would like to cancel a subscription with this company you have to do so with the company directly.

I can't log in to Onegini, what should I do?

It can happen that logging into Onegini is disabled. There may be several reasons for this:

- You have entered the wrong PIN too many times and your mobile phone number and email are not verfied.
- We have noticed weird login behaviour that can lead to misuse of your digital identity

If you contact support@onegini.me we will help you to get back in business.

Can I remove my digital identity from Onegini?
If you would like to remove your digital identity please send us an email with your information at support@onegini.me

If you can't find your question and answer in this list, please send us an email with your question at support@onegini.me or contact the helpdesk at +31852019622.